List of Activities by Content

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Dig Dug Desmos: Slope of Horizontal & Vertical Lines

Excite Bike Equations: Exploring Slope and Y-Intercept

NBA Jam Linear Relationships

Super Mario Linear Equations

Space Invader Slopes

Tecmo Super Bowl Linear Equations

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego: Slopes?

Y-Intercept with Ghouls & Ghosts


Fifa Linear and Quadratic

Super Mario Quadratics


Legend of Zelda Pythagorean Theorem

Mario 64 Volume: Prisms and Pyramids

Mario 64 Volume: Prisms, Spheres, and Cylinders

Ms. PacMan Transformations (Polygraph)

Super Mario Dilations

Tetris Transformations

TMNT: Angles of Triangles

Solving Equations & Inequalities

Mega Man Modeling I: Solving Equations with Single Variables

Mega Man Modeling II: Fraction Coefficients

Mega Man Modeling III: Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Nintendo Inequalities

Nintendo Inequalities with Solving

Star Wars Systems of Equations


Pokemon Probability

Punch Out!!! Mean Absolute Deviation

Punch Out!!! Mean, Median, Mode & Range


Oregon Trail: Percents

Pac-Man Coordinate Plane

Sonic Functions

Star Wars Systems of Equations