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Super Mario Systems Races
Ice Climber Plotting Points
Celeste: Inverse Functions
Mario Kart Quadratic Coasters

Activity List

Castlevania Solving
Celeste: Domain & Range
Celeste: Inverse Functions
Dig Dug Desmos: Horizontal & Vertical Lines
Excite Bike Equations: Exploring Slope and Y-Intercept
Fantasy Football Functions
FIFA Linear and Quadratic
Fortnite Estimation Task
Ice Climber Plotting Points
Ice Climber Slope & Y-Intercept
Legend of Zelda Pythagorean Theorem
Legende de Zelda – Theoreme de Pythagore
Mario 64 Volume: Prisms and Pyramids
Mario 64 Volume: Prisms, Spheres, and Cylinders
Mario Equation Rider
Mario Kart Quadratic Coasters
Mega Man Modeling I: Solving Equations with Single Variables
Mega Man Solving Part II: Solving Single Variable Equations with Fraction Coefficients
Mega Man Modeling III: Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides
Ms. PacMan Tranformations (Polygraph)
NBA Jam Linear Relationships
Nintendo Inequalities
Nintendo Inequalities with Solving
Oregon Trail: Percents
Pac-Man Coordinate Plane
Pokemon Factoring Exploration & Factoring Practice No LC
Pokemon Factoring
Pokemon Factoring 2 with LC
Pokemon Practice w/ Integers
Pokemon Practice Solving 1 & 2 Step Equations
Pokemon Probability
Punch Out!!! Mean Absolute Deviation
Punch Out!!! Mean, Median, Mode & Range
Space Invader Slopes
Sonic Functions
Star Wars Systems of Equations
Super Mario Dilations
Super Mario Linear Equations
Super Mario Quadratics
Super Mario Systems Races
Tecmo Super Bowl Linear Equations
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Angles of Triangles
Tetris Transformations
Y-Intercept with Ghouls & Ghosts
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego: Slopes?